Ojio - Flex (5.30 oz)

  • $14.98


Ojio Sport +FLEX is a boost you can use along with Ojio Sport's pre- to post- workout support to personalize the nutrition you need for the individual sport or activity that you do. It feature's OptiMSM®, the world’s purest MSM. OptiMSM® is recognized for its ability to support joint health, including tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Recent studies show OptiMSM® to be effective in combating exercise induced inflammation, and reducing post-exercise soreness and recovery time. Taken daily, Ojio Sport +FLEX may also help maintain flexibility, a lack of which is often cited as a contributor to sports-related injuries.

  • Essential source of sulfur to aid joint and soft tissue repair.
  • Used to help alleviate muscle soreness and speed recovery post-exercise.
  • Helps support metabolic processes including energy and hormone production.
  • Light pineapple flavor to enjoy mixed with light beverages or pure water.


INGREDIENTS: OptiMSM®(Methylsulf- onylmethane), Natural Pineapple Flavor.

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