Garden Of Life - Raw Vitamin C 60vc

Garden Of Life - Raw Vitamin C 60vc

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Product Description

Vitamin C Beyond Immune Support

We've learned that Vitamin C is important for fighting colds and can keep your health regulated with it's powerful antioxidants. But what else is Vitamin C used for?

Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin C by Garden of Life is a high-potency, whole food supplement with probiotics and enzymes. It is typically used to support support the immune system, but it can also benefit the eyes, skin, teeth, energy and brain function.

While most people associate vitamin C with immune support, the truth is that this powerful antioxidant, found in every cell of the body, is more than a simple immune support vitamin.

What are the Benefits of RAW Vitamin C?

  • Supports healthy eyes, skin, bones, teeth and gums
  • Can improve memory and concentration
  • Features living nutrients and probiotics
  • Includes 22 RAW, organic fruits and veggies
  • Does not contain binders, fillers, or gluten. Non-GMO. Kosher. Vegan.
  • Promotes optimal health to those exposed to environmental pollutants
  • Ideal for smokers or athletes for added health benefits
  • Essential for growth and repair of tissues in your body
  • Powerful antioxidant support
  • Contains 120 vegetable capsules per bottle

Essential for growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body, Vitamin C promotes vision health, periodontal health and collagen, bone and cartilage formation. Also needed by the adrenal glands, vitamin C helps with emotional and physical stress response. Vitamin C is also required to convert folic acid to its active form.

Get on the road towards optimal health with Vitamin Code RAW Vitamin C supplements.

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