Bell - Wrist Relief (60 count)

Bell - Wrist Relief (60 count)

  • $27.99

Wrist Relief*

  • The best ingredients in capsule form*
  • Your health is in your hands!*
  • Helps support and maintain joint health.*
  • Composed of vitamins, herbs, and omega 3 fish oil*
  • Helps modulate the body's inflammatory response.*
  • Nourishment for the nerves, tendons and ligaments.*

Wrist Relief is formulated to provide ligament and joint support, maintain bone health, and protect tendons and nerves to help promote better quality of life. This particular formula is composed of vitamins, herbs and  fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. A combination of quality ingredients helps to nourish and support your body’s own inflammatory response mechanisms.*

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